Line 5th entrance building design

Subway Line 5th is the third District subway lines across the center of Beijing after the 1st, 2nd line were build on the 1960s and 1970s Approximately 27.5 kilometers long from north to south across the board, it has16 underground stations, pathways Lama, Zhang Zhizhong Road, East Fourth, the East alone, the Temple of Heaven and other ancient capital protected areas and important cultural attractions.
Line 5th has nearly 60 entrances to the "urban corridor - Metro Corridor" as the design theme, emphasizing the traffic building through the sense of light and shadow users instant access feelings constitute the 5th line entrance space.

Project location: Chaoyang District, Beijing • - Dongcheng - Fengtai District
Design: 2005.10 ~ 2007.10
Project size: length 27.5 km, a total of 23 stations, including 16 underground stations
Structure: Reinforced Concrete