Guo Mao Station Public Space Design

Guo Mao Station is relative to the crowded, noisy, contests ground CBD, epitomizes Chinese ink painting "blank" mood, underground to a large area of white space ethereal main tone, concise and poetic form of the underground world.
At GuoMao  intersection, there are third main ring road viaduct, Jianguomen something down the road to the Metro Line 1st, the surrounding high-rise building underground structures and pipe network intensive. Caveat, the height and width of the station has been greatly restricted. The GuoMao Station is the largest passenger station in one of the stations, so the spatial processing using the curved ceiling with soft lighting, space to stretch as far as possible, in order to weaken the scale finite smoothly brought oppression. White background with a small amount of "water bamboo" decorative ceramic tiles, so that passing by the residence of sight for a moment.

Project location: Beijing Chaoyang District
Design: 2006.03 ~ 2007.12
Underground main building area of 10,109.2 sqm
Floor main building area of 584.2 sqm
Underground Structure: reinforced concrete.
Ground structure: steel frame