Line 10th stations across the board renovation design

The line 10th is the second buildded line after the line 5th provade service before the Olympics opened , a project of trougout the eastern and northern of Beijing, a total of 20 underground stations, through ITC, Guanghua Road, Sanyuan Bridge, Panda roundabout, huang Zhuang and other important cities nodes. Areas serviced along the development process from the city, most of them are Beijing nearly for two decades have been build, concentrated on behalf of reform and opening up Beijing's new look. The line 10th of the underground public space "urban frontier (Metro Frontier)" for the overall design concept, using a longitudinal direction along the flow line ceiling system, and black, white and gray color space, to create the most modern subway network international sense, reflects the new visage of Beijing.

Project location: Beijing - Chaoyang District
Design: 2006.03 ~ 2007.12
Project Size: Length 24.65KM, 22 underground stations
Underground Structure: reinforced concrete