CiQu Station Public Space Design

CiQu station was one of the 14 stations of Beijing Yizhuang line, located in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone as in the core district , Close to union station and the Serious , together constitute the future of the "two stations and a street" as an centre area , the formation of science and technology, commerce, integrated transportation center. 
It is recorded in the Qing Dynasty when Ciqu suburbs of Water, channel aspect, lotus fragrance. This land on the surface of the water in the deep memory of living for the future subway station with forcible intervention form a distinctive "static and dynamic" in the dialogue. Underwater and future city "pacemaker"; quietly bustling city with rippling attitudes; everything flows Everything changes, the "underwater waves" to create a sub-drainage stations eventually became the theme of space atmosphere.

Project location: Beijing 
Design: 2009.3 ~ 2010.12
Project scale: total construction area of 11,325 sq m underground
Building area of 4,608 sq m
Underground Structure: reinforced concrete