Subway Line 2nd Station Decoration Design

Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2nd pherase 1 is a ground warp four district of Wuhan City, known as golden corridor said. The case of "Ambilight" as the design theme, through the flow of light and colorful designs caisson ceiling, trying to express the sense of speed, memory and space as well as the understanding and perception of urban prosperity. Curves using the rich history not only a symbol of the river, but also create a space environment full of changes, showing brilliant Wuhan urban development and achievements.

Location: Wuhan·Hanjiang-Jiang'an-Wuchang-Hongshan Dist
Period: 2011.02 ~ 2011.04
Scale: length 27.7km, 21 underground stations
Total construction area: ​​420,927.26 sqm
Construction area: ​​109,055.73 sqm
Structure: reinforced concrete