Hujialou Station Concurse Design

Metro Line 6's Hujialou station is a intersection station with 10th line as well as a largest passenger station in northern of Beijing's CBD. Station design continues the line 6th "capital corridor" concept theme, interpretation of the grounds of the old city brick modern aluminum assemble large surface space to express station stretch, smooth character, extending out from the cracks between the blocks wrong gradient seam stitching and surface treatment, the aluminum material in the industrialized space station shows a soft, delicate expression.
Ground entrance design considerations and the 10th line echo the shape of entrances, making the subway on the streets to form a complete visual impression.

Location: Beijing · Chaoyang District
Period: 2009.09 ~ 2011.09
Total construction area: ​​20,357.03 sqm
Underground public area: ​​9,488.94 sqm
Ground floor area: ​​564.6 sqm
Underground Structure: reinforced concrete
Ground Structure: steel frame