Subway Line 6th Station Renovation Concept Design

Line 6th is including a project length 30.46KM, a total of twenty underground stations. Line 6th station is designed to "capital corridor" as the theme, trying at the subway station this highly functional, daily-oriented public space into the memory of the historical city of Beijing and Change. "Beijing corridor" from the constitution old Beijing Hutong courtyard of the basic materials, "brick" as the starting point, with "bricks" as the carrier, through the different sections of the station for brick wall, brick, brick processing, show brick rhythmic rhyme, expressed Beijing city's history and the different stages of development.

Location: Beijing·Haidian-Xicheng-Dongcheng-Chaoyang Dist
Period: 2009.09-2012.04
Scale: length 30.46km, 20 underground stations
Total construction area: 336,996 sqm
Public building area: 129,278 sqm