Subway Line 6th entrance building design

As a main tube of Beijing subway Subway Line 6th runs throughout great Beijing area from east to west, connecting the old and new city of trunk lines, the ground where the street entrance is 70 meters wide of ring roads and arterial road, so traffic entrances need to express the architectural features, to achieve good recognizability. While small-scale and number of entrances and exits should be and where the street, neighborhood integration. Line 6th front entrance design extension of the concept of the Olympic Line 5th, Line 10th entrances simple, common characteristics of vertical sub-grid, and make the 6th line unique glass and brick texture pattern expression.

Project location: Beijing • Haidian District - West District - Dongcheng - Chaoyang District
Design: 2009.09 ~ 2012.04
Project Size: Length 30.46KM, a total of twenty underground stations
Total floor area:
Structure: Steel