Science Park Green Tea kiosk Series

Zhongguancun Science group Fengtai Park is located in the southwest corner of Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, at the outskirts of the town at the junction, a large area of the development of office buildings, R & D building completely eliminated villages, orchards and farmland of the original landscape, replacing homogeneous arrangement detached office building. "Bamboo Court Tea Room" and "side garden view" is located in the green belt between the office building, the area of 160 square meters and 230 square meters, the main building of the park where people offer amenity space. Designed with the idea of "interactive scenarios" as the starting point, intended to provide a modern high-speed operation with time, the natural place for dialogue and harmonious family.

Project location: Beijing • Fengtai
Design: 2004.01 ~ 2004.03
Total floor area: 390 sq m
Structure: Reinforced Concrete