2010 World Expo China Pavilion program solicitation

China Pavilion combined with national pavilion and regional pavilion. Symbolism is took into the concept: China Pavilion shape of ring , the cornerstone of regional pavilions is tantamount countries hold. Circular ring represents harmony and agreement, reflecting regional differences in different environments based on the harmonious development aspirations. Spatial Ecology: Hall scattered layout, the hall can be independently controlled artificial environment and reduce energy consumption. Make better use of natural climate to regulate indoor environment.
Expo features: maximum open space provides a flexible way to exhibit, physical exhibits, media, information display and try and make full use of high-tech sound, light, electricity Expo means to separate showrooms in various regions show the form and content can interfere with each other, independently express unique regional characteristics.

Project Location: Shanghai, Pudong
Design: 2007.04 ~ 2007.06
Total floor area: 68,400sq m
Structure: prestressed concrete frame shear walls, steel truss structure