Beijing International Automotive Expo Center Master Plan

Expressed cars for speed and freedom of human desire and tradition still produce contradictory opposites, the case did not bother to reconcile this contradiction of opposites, but rather the state of this conflict expressed through space. The overall layout, the walking trail and a small exhibition hall and the environment in order to express the speed curve themes, while the sale of vehicles, meeting, office, testing centers and other places around the functional space follows the layout. Automobile Museum then east to west along the South Fourth Ring Road stretched in order to obtain the maximum line of sight from the road showing the effect. Four thematic exhibition halls were streamlined form independent closed space between the flexible exhibition space.

Project location: Beijing Fengtai
Design: 2003.05 ~ 2003.12
Planning area: 57.7 ha
Total floor area: 270,000 sqm
Ground floor area: 180,000 sqm