Qingdao Tian Heng Peninsula overall planning and design

Large metropolitan area in Qingdao, Tian Heng peninsula is positioned to take advantage of natural geographical advantage to develop leisure and holiday sourt. This traditional fishing and agriculture-based Peninsula apparently can no longer maintain the original tranquility, development and protection of the environment, emerging industries and traditional agriculture and fisheries, the immigrant population and the local population, and so as the road extension and inspire various contradictions elements collisions. For this relatively typical design objects, the case presents "interaction to one" concept, coming out of a variety of contradictory opposition elements, such as "development and ecological environment", "third industries and traditional fisheries, agriculture," "villages and towns between the functional orientation and relationships, "and so on, through the strategic positioning of the set, so that opposing elements interact, reciprocity and then blend to one state. "Flexible Space" is a small town in the handling of the spatial layout of spatial concepts raised by Tian Heng Mountains and rivers of the original geographical features of inspiration. Roads and buildings according to their natural contour to the layout, Tian Heng resort town with the present river, villages, orchards as the basis, the formation of the town in the town, Corn Street, shells and other characteristics plaza space.

Project Location: Qingdao, Shandong
Design time : 2004.01-2004.04
Planning Area: 3,606.4 ha