Headquarters Business Park Master Planning and Design

The headquarters district will be the shining point of whole science park, of which, the clear circulation system, quart yard with resiidential building layout, and the human scale public space and realm add so much to its star project position in the larger area. Of a city, the most fascinating place is not the building or plaza, but as well the active urban space of great public accessibility. This project will provide the office, and service oriented industries with the business park, and to enhance the activeness, functionalize the plaza, changing it from no man`s land to an urban place, with elegant architectural details and the scaled volume.

Project location: Beijing Fengtai
Design time :2004.11-2005.03
Planning area: 11.89 ha
Total ground floor area: 179,584 ㎡
Ground Total floor area: 31,283 ㎡