Textile Business District Master Plan

The biggest characteristic of Jiang Nan Waters is the double chessboard pattern of "Lands Adjacent to Waters, Roads Parallel to Rivers". The traditional way of city building is not only makes the land resource efficiently and balanced use,but forms the layout of “One Family with One Courtyard, Every Family Adjacent to Waters”. With the characteristics of the ancient water town, Song Jiang Master Plan leads many river channels into the district to form a landscape by waters. Therefore, “Every Family Adjacent to Waters”will become the main distinguishing feature of Textile Business District. The construction of large-scale business district takes time. And many adjustments and changes will happen during the construction periods. So the function has to be flexible and variable. This plan will place functional blocks in different sizes on site. Each block can be arranged by single-functional office buildings, multi-functional office buildings or apartments. Changes in the function block does not affect the park's overall landscape.

Project Location: Shanghai, Songjiang District
Design: 2010.03 ~ 2010.06
Site area: 114.8 ha
Gross floor area: 1,892,000 sqm
Ground floor area: 170,000 sqm