JinTaiLu Station Concurse Design

Beijing Metro Line 6th JinTaiLu Station is is transfer station with Metro Line 14th located in the north of Beijing’s CBD, The old city for the 6th line is of the history of the station expressed. JinTaiLu Station is now faced with future changes that CBD North expansion around the station, and this change in a short time a huge living space both bring people expect, There are disturbing. JinTaiLu Station design will attempt to look into the future of space be expressed in language. With perforated aluminum lighting effects through a combination of Jintai Road Station showing an unprecedented spatial effect, Full of light and joy. Stainless steel plate wrapped pillars weaken the previous station Tai Zhuzi cramped feeling.

Location: Beijing · Chaoyang District
Period: 2009.09-2011.09
Total construction area:19,107 sqm
Underground public area: ​​6,024 sqm
Ground floor area :​​777.4 sqm
Underground Structure: reinforced concrete structures
Ground Structure: steel frame