Line 10th Ads and Commercial Set Design

Ads features: wall modulus as a reference to abandon the traditional advertising-point layout principles, 3 to 4 units of the modulus of a regional layout principles, advertising light boxes to wall built-in. Concourse level functional complexity, minimize the layout advertising, doing art wall or regional, non-paid area or hold put less advertising, pay-zone focus put some advertising; advertising platform floor area rail line set is based on the sliding security gate doors, security doors fixed position of the door, with the single subway car doors conditions, set; one side can escalator advertising for channel width of less than five meters, only in the channel width is greater than five meters, arrange to set up ad on both sides of the channel.
business set features: There are three main forms of business, convenience stores, kiosks, vending machines. In principle station hall was furnished kiosks or convenience stores, vending machines only in the platform layer.

Location: Beijing · Haidian District - Chaoyang District
Period: 2007.06 ~ 2008.07
Scale: 20 stations across the board advertising and commercial set.