People’s Square underground space integration design

People’s square is located on the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Jianshe Avenue; the intersection is a major commercial centre of the city, both subway line 1 and line 2 have stations constructed in the area. People’s square underground space is required to not only accommodate the massive passenger flow of two major stations but also remain connected with the nearby commercial centres and streets. The design allowed a seamless integration between public transportation and neighbouring communities, utilizing the underground space to achieve maximum concordance and convenience. “Urban Plaza” was the design concept, through a series of sunken plaza, public corridor, and community squares; the design successfully combined many functions such as transfer hub, customer service, continent store, etc. The result provides the city with modern and vibrant public space.

Location: Changan district, Shijiazhuang city
Duration: Jun. 2014-May. 2017
Total Floor Area: 25049 m2